Project “Desfrutar o Tejo”

SÖMLÖS Furniture // Designer: Miguel Palmeiro



In 2015, the project of Camila and its designer Miguel Palmeiro secured the second place of the “Desfrutar o Tejo” contest. This contest, which emerged from a partnership between the University of Aveiro and MUDE (museum of design and fashion), was promoted within the scope of “Art on Chairs”, as part of the urban requalification project of Cais do Sodré and surrounding areas.

The challenge was based on the design of a piece that promoted a new relation with the river, as well as new habits of meeting people. Behind this piece was the intention “to enunciate the origin of the wood (tree), and primitive uses of the trunks of trees (trees) and stumps (supports)” being represented in the piece by the simplicity of the forms and their combinations.

After the attribution of the second place, the piece was on display at the dock of Sodré in Lisbon, together with the 1st and 3rd place of the contest.



A brand of outdoor furniture for hotels created in 2018 that aims to promote the image of each customer who requests its services. The personality, voice and goals of its partners is SÖMLÖS ‘top priority, managing a perfect cut to suit any project.

Through a design that fits the concept or through a catalog of pieces recognized for their quality and their modern and differentiating features, SÖMLÖS offers a wide range of options for any type of outdoor space.

One of the pieces under the auspices of SÖMLÖS is the “Art on Chairs” project, which is in production again. In 2015, this project secured the second place in the contest “Desfrutar o Tejo” (link to page). A piece that invokes the primordial uses of wood and seeks to achieve a balance between the functional and the creativity of its design.

Project “Desfrutar o Tejo”



Project “Desfrutar o Tejo”



Project “Desfrutar o Tejo”

Final Piece


SÖMLÖS mobiliário exterior


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